Our Activities

Adventure Playground

There is a colourful playground which has a wide range of challenging activities for younger children including swings, slides, platforms, bars, and mini flying fox. This area is good for confidence building in preparation for going on some of the more scary looking activities.

Bush Walk

Separated from the main camp area by a nice tramp up Turner Rd and through Gate 8. Follow the path to an area of beautiful bush. Here you can wander through the trees, or fumble your away along the Burma trail if the sun has already set. From the top of thehill follow the loop down through native bush and then back upthrough pines.The swing bridge transports you across the water, but remember it only supports one person at atime. Alongside the track are 18 short, numbered posts near plants and treeswhich people can identify from the list on a map.

It is recommended that between 45 minutes and 1 hour are allowed in your programme to give everyone walking, time to relish the experience.

Flying Fox

The Flying Fox, is an opportunity to get a birds eye view of the activity going on below in the lake. For those who are a little wary the first ride is more sedate. If you are keen for a bigger thrill take the second ride back across the lake, as you leave the second tower at the top of the hill the flying fox gathers some serious speed.

It is possible to have someone going in each direction at the same time, safely harnessed and attached to the zip line. This activity has a higher adult/leader to user ratio as each part (harnessing up, attaching the pulley, getting off, reattaching the pulley and getting off at the end of the second zip line) requires assistance and everyone operating it has to be trained.

In 2014 the camp was successful in getting registration from WorkSafe for the Flying Fox under the HSE 2002 Adventure Activities Regulations 2011.


If challenge is what is needed then use the raft building activity. A selection of bamboo poles, empty containers and rope is available to build yourself a raft. Once launched the challenge is to punt the raft across the lake.
There are also 2 ready built rafts that can also be used for a variety of challenges, racing across the lake is very exciting especially when carrying passengers who do not want to get wet. they can be punted or oars can be used to propel the craft.

It is recommended that life jackets be worn for these activities.

The Waterslide

Undoubtedly the most popular activity on offer here at Chosen Valley Christian Camp. Stretching down the hill into the lake great speeds can be achieved. To make the ride faster a rope catapault  is available. Plunging into the lake, each ride finishes in a huge splash! This ride is used almost all year round, regardless of the weather.

Team Building

There are 2 large A frames and some wooden skis which can be used in a variety of ways to develop problem solving while nurturing relationships in a team. These are always available on the playing field.


Archery at Chosen Valley Christian Camp provides everyone with an opportunity to build skill in a very demanding and exciting sport. Using compound bows and professional quality arrows and targets the development of concentration, accuracy and hand-eye coordination is enhanced.
The targets are set up so that 3 people can be shooting at the same time. 

To add some fun to this activity ask for some balloons and once inflated pin a few to the targets and see if they can all be popped.

Burma Trail

A reliance on the sense of touch, hearing and concentration is developed as children experience the Burma Trail. The trail starts at the beginning of the Bush Walk, and winds down through the bush. This trail is best at night but if it looks too daunting for younger children it can be used in daylight with blindfolds to make it challenging.


The lake, although relatively small, is big enough to have kayaking adventures on. Kayaking teaches children a range of skills, and through this moderate risk activity they also gain body awareness and focus.

There are many games that can be played using the kayaks, and if you know of some staff have not heard of please pass them on. 

Life jackets have to be worn when kayaking, even by adults or leaders, as Chosen Valley Christian Camp is committed to maintaining a high standard of safety.

Rope Maze

Looking like a gigantic spiders web the rope maze provides a fun activity and can be used as a team challenge, be used in pairs or simply as a way for one person to occupy some spare time. Each rope is a different colour and the 4 ropes weave together across the maze area, attached to the posts around the edge. Each person attaches themselves to a rope (one person per colour) by using the waist band and clip, and then follows the rope around the maze, until reaching the end. This is another activity that can be timed to add a competitive element.
The course can be done blindfolded or with one person giving non-verbal instructions to the participant using hand signals to direct their movements.

Team Balance

This is a collection of team building activities using poles and posts. They can be used for teams of all sizes but 8-10 people is ideal.
The challenges include:
The Tower of Hanoi
The Trust Fall
The Spider Web
The Horizontal Log
The Low Ropes
The Low Planks.
Assymetrical See-Saw.
Stacks on the Mill.
Instructions for each one are available and staff welcome suggestions as to how else the various activities can be used.


If you know how to play dodge ball or 4-square you will soon master Gaga. It is an ancient Israeli game played in an octagonal area. It can be played with any number of people, even if the pit is full to start with it is not long until it begins to empty and the skill required to get people out increases. Warning: It is highly addictive!

Balance Island

In the corner of the lake is a small island, joined to the mainland by a selection of 3 bridges. The challenge is to cross to the island via the suspension bridge and then return by using the wire ropes and balance beam bridge. 

Confidence Course

The Confidence Course isbuilt over the stream that has its source in the camp lake. It comprises 3 distinct courses, red for beginners, blue for intermediate users and yellow as the ultimate challenge. There is a board of fame in the main building with the fastest school students, seperate awards for boys and girls, for their age group, for each course. Will your name soon be up there?

Each school is offered the opportunity to put forward their best competitor for the course before leaving on the last day of camp. Successful students are presented with a photo and a certificate, stating their record breaking time.


There are a choice of orienteering options, one using a compass and one without. Both courses use camp landmarks as points of reference. These activities are good for individual use or for small groups. To add a competitive element participants can be timed.

Outdoor Cooking

Whatever the weather this activity provides an excellent learning experience and everyone gets a chance to eat the results of their labours. Whether cooking pancakes on the portable gas burners or making damper over a wood fire the children really engage in this activity. The gazebo provides adequate shelter for wet days allowing the activity to proceed regardless.
The camp provides all of the equipment and required ingredients for pancakes and damper, but feel free to bring along an alternative should you wish to be more creative and adventurous with your cooking.
The camp also has 2 portable gas BBQs which are available to hire for a small charge.


The trampolines are great fun and a favourite activity is seeing who can bounce the highest. Some very clever acrobatics have been observed here at Chosen Valley Christian Camp on the trampolines!


Powered by gravity and with no brakes, the skill is navigating one of the graded courses from the top of the hill to safety at the bottom. The fast descent provides an exhilarating ride and there is time to catch your breathe as you walk back up the hill pulling the trolley behind you ready for the next attempt.

Helmets, elbow and knee pads are provided to ensure everyone's safety.


Volley Ball grass court available. 


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