How to contact us

For bookings and enquires please contact us.

Phone: 09 2948296

Chosen Valley Christian Camp
53 Turner Rd
RD3 Drury
Auckland 2579

How to find us

SH 1 Southbound: Take the Ramarama (466) off ramp and turn left at the top of the ramp. This is Ararimu Rd. Stay on Ararimu Rd for approximately 7 kms. Turn right on to Turner Rd.

SH 1 Northbound: Take the off ramp at Ramarama (466), turn right on to Ararimu Road, stay on Ararimu Rd for approximately 7 kms. Turn right on to Turner Rd.


Chosen Valley Christian Camp is an organisation that is totally committed to quality assurance. To ensure that the camp is meeting the needs of its guests it is important that feedback is not only sought but acted upon. An example of the prompt attention that is given to the feedback received is where a school teacher commented that helmets would make the flying fox a safer and more enjoyable activity, as helmets would protect children's heads from being bumped when they reach the end of the zip-line. Within a few hours of the comment 3 helmets had been purchased and were in use.

Please be part of improving the camp- the facilities, the activities, the service and the catering, by clicking on the Feedback button and completing the online form.

Many thanks.

Member of Christian Camping NZ

Chosen Valley is a longstanding member of the national association for Christian Camping in NZ.
As a tier 2 member the camp benefits from current information regarding the camping industry and staff benefit from a range of support systems and training that enhance the quality of service that guests can enjoy.


The Board and staff of Chosen Valley Christian Camp are committed to establishing and maintaining a high standard of health and safety for guest, campers, volunteers,contractors.A review of all health and safety systems and documents is currently in progress. Chosen Valley Christian Camp is Oscar Approved, this gives assurance that all aspects of the camp meet MSD minimum standards and that all annual audits and inspections take place. 

All staff, on-site contractors and volunteers who work at camp are police vetted and random drug testing will occur if deemed necessary. 


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