School Camps

With a diverse range of challenging activities, including the bush walk, Chosen Valley Christian Camp is the perfect place to hold an EOTC event. The activities are designed to provoke decision making and problem solving, to encourage children to step outside their comfort zones and in doing so they will develop and grow, getting closer to achieving their full potential.

Teachers and parent helpers can focus on the children as the fully catered service ensures that everyone enjoys three good meals each day, with morning and afternoon tea to keep them going in between.

If the camp activities are not challenging enough there are several outdoor activity providers, who can be engaged by the school organiser, who can bring other activities to the camp, eg portable climbing wall. If this option appeals to your children then liaison with the Camp Director when you are planning your camp is essential.

As a Health and Safety precaution, it is not recommended that school students undertake camp cleaning. The Pack N' Walk Away (extra charge applies) option allows you to pack up, tidy up, pick up litter and leave, knowing that the whole camp will be cleaned for you. This allows you to make the most of your time at camp, squeezing in another round of activities before departing.

Camp Options

Sports Teams

The camp is very close to several sporting venues used by schools and organisations for a wide variety of tournaments.
If you team is looking for accommodation a short distance from your event then Chosen Valley Christian Camp may be the solution.

Staying here takes the stress out of ensuring your team members are warm and comfortable after exerting themselves in competition. And, to make the experience even better, healthy, hearty meals can be provided by the chef. Mealtimes are flexible to suit your tournament schedule.

Church and Youth Groups

If you are looking for a venue which can cater for all ages then Chosen Valley Christian Camp is the place for your group.
The accommodation options can be utilised to meet the needs of everyone who comes along. The chapel is the perfect setting for praise and worship, but equally useful for teaching sessions.The first floor lounge can also be used for sessions and the use of a portable data projector creates an alternative space for your chosen activity.Allow the staff to serve you as you enjoy the opportunity to build relationships, enjoy the outdoor activities and of course, Gods amazing creation.

Day Camps

This option is open to any school, church, youth group or organisation that may find it difficult to raise enough interest in a residential camp. Local schools find this an affordable option and can start their day early and after lots of fun, games and activities, can be back at school ready for the school bus and parents ready to collect their children in the afternoon.
Day camps can be catered, or the group can bring packed lunches and snacks. There are portable BBQs available for a small charge, or wood-fired outdoor cooking can be used to provide for hungry participants.

Conferences, Training and Retreats

The selection of accommodation at Chosen Valley Christian Camp gives prospective guests choices for planning conferences, training or retreats. Monavale Cottages are perfect for small group gatherings and can be used for a self-catered function, or the catering can be done for the group by the full-time chef employed by the camp.

The portable data projector can be used in any of the rooms or break out spaces, and chairs and tables can be provided as needed to suit your activities.

Between sessions the camp has a wide range of activities that can be used for team building, play or relaxation. Morning and afternoon teas can be taken in the area where the group are gathered if required.

Family Reunions

Many families over the years have enjoyed the facilities as they have been able to gather together, share memories and enjoy each others company while the children played and the chef toiled over a hot stove to provide tasty meals for everyone, even those with special dietary requirements.

Family reunions are perfect opportunities to renew friendships and build relationships between kinsfolk. Playing together develops the bonds that tie people together, and here at Chosen Valley Christian Camp, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy each others company, with the camp staff always ready to serve you and support your activities.


Chosen Valley is a committed member of the Ararimu community and wants to support community activities and functions. There is already a mothers and toddlers music group that meets every Wednesday morning in the chapel (most weeks throughout term time). Many local people have used the camp chapel for weddings, capitalising on the opportunity to have their reception catered by the camp chef and staff.

If you are based in the local area and need a venue, either for a once only event, or for a regular meeting, phone 09 294 8296 or email to talk to the Director about your needs.

What our guests say...

"Lovely food and lots of it......Just a lovely atmosphere to be in......Manager very approachable and actioned some of the things that were a concern at the time, straight away". Newmarket Primary School 2014

"Thank you for being such friendly and helpful hosts for our camp last week, we had a really good time at the camp site and experienced Godmoving among the youth". Evangelical Formosan Church Youth Group 2014

"Very supportive staff, great feeling of warmth and helpfulness" Green bay School 2014

"What we saw on the website was exactly what we experienced......very helpful and friendly staff. Our group, from the adults to the youngest child had a fantastic time". Central Worship Centre Church 2015

"The facility was great and the personal service was even better.....we would be more than happy to come back with a bigger contingency". Waikato Girls U14 Touch Team 2015

"We have been truly grateful for the way you made us feel welcome and for all you have done to make our stay a memorable one" Remuera Primary School 2015

Special Dietary Requirements

Chosen Valley Christian Camp is committed to ensuring that everyone has a good experience and, therefore, offers specialised diets for those that need them. If anyone in your group needs dairy or gluten free meals, is diabetic or has a specific food allergy, let the camp know at least 10 days* before your camp commences and the chef will willingly accommodate it if it is possible. Please note that there is an additional nightly charge per person for special diets.

Chosen Valley Christian Camp is a peanut free environment.

Smoke Free Zone

As Chosen Valley Christian Camp is committed to an active life and healthy living it is requested that there is no smoking on the camp grounds.
As guided by the New Zealand Smoke Free Law Chosen Valley Christian Camp aims to: 

  • protect all workers and the public from second-hand smoke
  • reduce the harm caused to individuals by their smoking
  • further restrict minors’ (under 18) access to smoking products
  • prevent negative influences on young people
  • promote a smokefree (auahi kore) lifestyle as the norm.

We ask everyone, staff, volunteers and guests to support Chosen Valley Christian Camp in this quest.

Arrivals and Departures

ARRIVAL: After 2.30pm (Unless by prior arrangement. Partial days may incur an additional charge)
Firstmeal: Afternoon tea ( Lunches can be arranged for early arrivals and anadditional charge applies).

: By 2.30 pm.Weekends:

ARRIVAL: After5.30 pm FridaysFirstmeal: Supper (Dinner by prior arrangement and an additional charge applies).

DEPARTURE:  By 2.30 pm.
*Approximately 10-12 days before your camp commences an email will be sent to the camp organisor requesting the final number of people who are going to be attending andinformation regarding any specialised dietary needs that group members mayhave. It is unlikely that the chef will be able to accommodate specialiseddietary needs at short notice so it is very important that this information isavailable well before your group arrives.

Thenumber that is given as the final number is the minimum number that the groupor school will be invoiced for.

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